Born in Mexico in 1980, A.B Tavera is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who has a diverse array of art forms ranging from painting, sculpture, architecture, interactive digital arts, His visual arts career began with his premier gallery exhibitions throughout London,U.K. 


Following his instincts in  he moved to the Italian Alps, and soon after, he relocated to New York City. It was here that he submerged himself totally into painting and into Manhattan’s thriving art movement.  he returned to Europe, this time choosing Paris as his home base. For him, the vitality of the Parisian environment was a source of immense inspiration, leading him to develop a more refined and concrete artistic expression. It was also here that he gained notoriety after numerous successful exhibitions. His first permanent exhibition consisted of over 100 artworks distributed throughout the Mosquito Blue Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. moving after that to San Francisco, California. felling in an anachronism or a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, He currently works and resides between Tulum and London, UK.


A.B. Tavera’s paintings can be best described as a hybrid between his complex personality, and his travel and cultural experiences. His abstract paintings express his deep intuition and certain recurring, incoherent elements of his personality. He defines it as an agitated spontaneity of micro-cosmic ideas changing speed and kinetic energy as brush meets canvas, whereby a certain violence of line and character is revealed with a sense of detailed urgency, product of careful deliberation, experimentation in texture and a search for formal balance and richly textured, vividly coloured large-scale paintings, expression of time exposed, nothing stays the same, stylistically evocative of modern abstraction at the same time elegant and lyrical inspired deeply by by Prehistoric cave art.


He is perpetually in motion; frequently moving to cities and studios across the globe drawing on adventure and new inspiration. He credits his endless globe-trotting for his astonishing breadth and diversity as an artist –  producing paintings, sculptures, collages, motion graphics, digital art, drawings, photography, and video and sound installation works. Art and life are intrinsically and irrevocably one for A B. Tavera.  A self-described iconoclastic individualist,he has continued to remain elusive to the broad public, despite a steadily growing recognition within certain established art circles. His extensive travels throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa have ultimately defined the direction of his work. A.B Tavera’s paintings reflect the multiple facets of our cultural identities, offering the viewer a very instinctive and subjective glimpse into the diverse communities of our world, tactile, sculptural paintings as a kind of meditative ritual through which he express and understanding this dimension in an effort to understand the universe and its wonders., and most of all,  provocateur himself – A.B. Tavera.


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